CETAID (Community Exhibitions as Tools for Adults

This partnership promotes and develops a culture of learning among staff of museums and other heritage organizations personnel, minorities and community members from socially disadvantaged background or marginalized adults. The partnership also promotes an open debate on how we can design new tools that allow involving the communities in the planning activities of museums and

Europica Varietas

Mission, Goals and Activities:Mission: to establish an intercultural dialogue by disseminating Hungarian cultural heritage through this book and by learning about other cultures in Europe through a joint exhibition based on the book.The project is broken into 4 phases and each of them has a different objective: Phase 1: Publishing the book in EnglishFirst step

For museums greater involvement in society (2008-2010)

Target group:Museum professionals, members of different visitor groups, local teachers, representatives, businessmen, members of other social groups Activities: organize workshops and “inforums”; encourage and foster pilot projects based on new cross-sector partnerships; conduct two of our own projects; organize and moderate focus group discussions in order to explore local priorities and possibilities of linking to

Museums Literacy (2008-2010)

By establishing a platform for museums, administrations and training institutions, MUSLI strives to overcome the barriers of cultural literacy through museum activities. These activities encourage participation from the potential publics having low schooling levels, such as citizens with low qualifications or at risk of social exclusion. Working to pilot and encourage new methods learnt for

Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogues (2007-2009)

The project MAP for ID aims to support museums wanting to develop intercultural projects by: Creating a research group made up by the museums involved in the project to identify good practice case studies and analyse them with the intention of extracting the elements that make them commendable and transferable to other contexts Sharing the