CETAID (Community Exhibitions as Tools for Adults

This partnership promotes and develops a culture of learning among staff of museums and other heritage organizations personnel, minorities and community members from socially disadvantaged background or marginalized adults. The partnership also promotes an open debate on how we can design new tools that allow involving the communities in the planning activities of museums and other cultural organizations. This partnership helps in creating, experimenting and introducing methods which allow the delivery of cultural content to all, enhancing museums and cultural heritage sites to widen their scope to reach more diverse audiences and truly reach out to their local communities. The learning will cover a broad range of subjects, depending on the needs and interest of the learners (museums and cultural heritage organizations staff as well as community members, audiences and adult visitors), but at its core will be learning about the sustainability of museums by increasing community participation as well as the development of basic skills in using Information and Communications Technology to communicate cultural identity and the preservation of heritage. All the findings of the mobilities, site visits as well as the exploration and discussion of best practice examples will be collated in a document with recommendations to be distributed widely in the European cultural heritage and adult learning community.


Outline of planned activities:


  • A baseline research of current community participation in the participating organizations to gather good examples of community participation — Sept 1, 2012 — Historic Royal Palaces, and all partners

  • A joint communication, evaluation and dissemination strategy agreed by all partners via internet communication.– Sept 1, 2012 — Foundation for Museums and Visitors and All partners

  • Introduce regular newsletters and set up a collaborative internet platform, design a project logo –Sept 1, 2012 — Explora and Istituto Luigi Sturzo and all partners

  • 2-day seminar in London, UK to focus on the use of digital media to share knowledge and participate as a member of a community at local, regional, national and international levels. Also site visit to the People´s History Museum, Manchester (2 days) UK — Nov, 2012 — Historic Royal Palaces and its learners, People´s History Museum, Manchester, all partners

  • Project meeting and a workshop on diverse audiences in museums Portugal — Jan 2013 — Histórias para Pensar – Associação and all partners

  • Pilot workshop (in English) for museum and cultural institution staff in Hungary and study tours to Pécs and Veszprém, Hungary — April 2013 — Foundation for Museums and Visitors, plus its learners, all partners to observe and participate in study tours in Hungary

  • Local seminar (without partners) in Portugal — May 2013 — Histórias para Pensar – Associação and its learners

  • Seminar in Rome, Italy (ILS will organize it):

1st day PMC meeting just for project coordinators

2nd day Study-visit at Explora (all day) for all the learners. Topics: focus group, participated planning, educational workshops. Language: English.

3rd Day Study-visit at ILS (all day) for all the learners. Topics: education for adults, digital storytelling experiences (maybe Museo di Zoologia in Rome will be involved) Language: English.

4th day (half-day) seminary open to the community (press, museum visitors, students, learners at ILS, teachers and school coordinatords, cultural operators who work in adult and children education). Topics: presentation of our project and of the partners (so this event is also a dissemination event for LLP), education for adults and children, methodologies, practical experiences. The study visit in Italy will last 4 days. — Sept 2013 — ILS and all partners

  • MID-TERM EVALUATION — Sept 2013 — All partners

  • Local workshop (without partners) in Hungary to implement project results — Jan 2014 — Foundation for Museums and Visitors and its learners

  • Seminar in Newcastle, UK:

Over the 2 day visit the partners will explore TWAM´s special interest in evaluation methodologies/practice and co-curation of exhibitions and programmes between heritage and community organisations.

The seminar days will utilise a variety of learning styles including workshops exploring self analysis, case studies, organisational change and site visits to heritage and community venues.

We will hear from both heritage and community professionals covering a range of disciplines. Curators, learning, community engagement staff and venue staff will feedback to the group on recent community engagement projects including Culture Shock (one of the largest digital story collecting projects in the world) and ´Our Museum´ – Paul Hamlyn funded project. — Jan 2014 — Tyne-and-Wear Museums, UK

  • Partners´ meeting in Budapest, Hungary then 2-day international conference in Budapest. It will be in mid-May to coincide with the Museums´ Fair to give participants an opportunity to present themselves as well as meet colleagues from all over Hungary and to disseminate project results. — Around May 16, 2014 — All partners plus People´s Museum in Manchester as well as other European museums and Hungarian Museum Association to share experiences.

  • Collect final results, best practices as well as work on final document and recommendations — June 1, 2014 — Foundation for Museums and Visitors to coordinate and all partners participate and contribute

  • ´END OF PROJECT´ EVALUATION — June 1, 2014 — All partners

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