The Foundation for Museums and Visitors (Hungary) announces 4 grants for  one-week staff exchanges for museum professionals working in the area of museum education or audience-management/event organization. Exchanges will happen between April 2005 and February 2006 based on the participants requests. Our organizing partners are the North East Hub and GEM.
 During the visits, participants are required to work out a practical project in the above-mentioned areas that can benefit both institutions.
Areas for project ideas:
1. Live Interpretation (from Role Plays to Re-Enactment Shows)
2. Audience Development (with a focus on families)
3. Audience Development (with a focus on teenagers)
4. Community Involvement in Museum Work (Volunteers, Friends´Groups) 
5. Access by the Disabled

Visit by Hungarians: The Foundation will pay for airfare (including tax) to and from host city and per diem (15 GBP/day/person) and organizational costs. Hosting institution will provide accomodation (it might be informal arrangement, ie. staying at the exchange partner´s house), one or two meals per day and travel within the area.
The applicant (museum or local-government) is required to pay the rest.
Hosting by Hungarians: Hosting institution/person is required to provide accomodation, one or two meals per day and travel within Hungary. Airfare and per diem (15 GBP/day/person) for UK participants will be covered by the Foundation.

Requirements from participants: 

  • Work experience in a museum
  • Draft project ideas
  • Experience in team work and project design and management (preferably at international level)

Applications are accepted until May 31, 2005 and all applicants are required to attach the following documents to their application forms:

  • CV
  • Cover letter including reasons for applying, areas of interest, draft project ideas, expected results
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Support by the Financing Institution (Museum Management or Local Government)

Application forms can be obtained from the website of the Foundation ( or via e-mail: or through phone  (361-240-6092, 3630/280-7265 – Miszné Korenchy Anikó) Applications should be sent to: Múzeumok és Látogatók Alapítvány, Budapest, Újliget sétány 2./B., 1038 or

For people applying from the North East: Only Hub members are eligible. Please contact Bill Griffith at

Supported by the British Council