Pursuant to the provisions of § 74/A-74/F of Act IV/1959 on the Civil Code of the Hungarian Republic of Hungary and Act CLVI/1997 on public benefit organisations, the Founders designated in Point I of this Deed of Foundation hereby establish the this Foundation having the following legal personality and status as public benefit organisation established for the purpose of performing public benefit activities:

Gabriella Kovács
Ildikó Sebõk
Péter Solymos

1. Name of Foundation: Museums and Visitors Foundation (Múzeumok és Látogatók Alapítvány)
2. Address: 1038 Budapest, 2/B Újliget sétány
3. Legal Status: independent legal personality, public benefit organisation
4. Time Frame: established for indefinite period
5. Permanent objectives serving the public and scope of activities: improving the relationship and making museums more popular among visitors.
6. Legal Status of the Foundation
6.1 Pursuant to Point c of § 26 of the CLVI/1997 Law, following its legal registration and status acquiring, The Foundation is hereby authorised to perform the below public benefit activities:
3. scientific activities, research
4. education and training, improving and developing abilities, transferring knowledge
5. cultural activities
6. protection of cultural heritage
7. protection of monuments
18. enhancing employability and training of disadvantaged communities with related services
19. preparing the Euro-Atlantic integration

6.2 The Foundation is open for both Hungarian and international individuals, legal identities, economic associations without a legal identity, if their objectives and ideas are in line with those of the Foundation, and if they agree, accept and support those objectives and ideas. It is the Advisory Board of the Foundation that bears right regarding decisions upon acceptance of the proposals and the will to join the Foundation.

6.3 The Foundation´s patron may condition that the support he provides (let it be financial or sponsoring-in-kind) may be used only and exclusively, partly or as a whole for specifically defined purposes that are in line with the Foundation´s objectives.

6.4 Those who join in the Foundation may not become founders by contributing to the Foundation, hence they do not acquire the same rights and authority that the relevant provisions refer to the Founders signing the Deed of Foundation and those who are designated to practice the rights of the Founders. 6.5 The Foundation is a public benefit organisation the services of which every citizen regardless of gender, age, origin or other legal discrimination has the right to use taking its objective bonds into consideration.

1. The Founders entrust the Advisory Board as the supreme authority for taking decisions, arranging administration, being their representative and operator.
2. The Advisory Board is liable for realising the Foundation´s objectives and for managing the funds in accordance with the objectives.
5. The Advisory Board consists of 3 persons including the president. The president and the members are leading officers of the Foundation with the status of public benefit organisation.
8. The Advisory Board holds its meetings at least once a year, but more often if required.
14. Members of the Advisory Board
President: Anikó Korenchy
Members: Tamás Zarándy and Noémi Kemény

1. President Anikó Korenchy is the permanent representative of the Foundation.
2. The right to manage the bank account of the Foundation entitles only the president with one of the members.

Date of the Deed of Foundation: 10 December 2003.

The Court of Budapest under registration number 9100 has registered the Museums and Visitors Foundation. The Court has ranked the Foundation public benefit organisation upon the order coming into effect.

The Court order has come into effect on 3 February 2004.