Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogues (2007-2009)

The project MAP for ID aims to support museums wanting to develop intercultural projects by:

Creating a research group made up by the museums involved in the project to identify good practice case studies and analyse them with the intention of extracting the elements that make them commendable and transferable to other contexts

Sharing the outcomes of the research group to European museum professionals via a written report and a conference (10 June 2008, Bologna, Italy)

Involving umbrella organisations to further disseminate these materials and initiate and support 25 new projects at local, regional and national level that will put the guidelines developed by the research group into practice

Analysing and disseminating the outcomes of the 25 pilot projects though a final conference (14,15, 16 October 2009, Madrid, Spain)

Publishing a new Handbook on Museums and Intercultural Dialogue

Pilot projects

Museums in the partner countries (Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Hungary) are invited to submit proposals to the MAP for ID partner in those countries, to be selected as pilot projects. All pilot projects will meet at the Madrid final conference and will be documented in the Handbook. The pilot projects research and experiment in an area of their choice, including:
– Language learning in museums
– Interpretation and use of collections as bearers of diverse meanings
– Pluralistic approaches, introducing other perspectives and viewpoints
– Storytelling through the collection of life stories as intangible heritage
– Development of staff intercultural competences and skills

The Hungarian Coordinator is the Foundation for Museums and Visitors

The final publication for the project can be found at:

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