PROJECT: Community Exhibitions as Tools for Adults´ Individual Development (CETAID) is a partnership of museums, heritage sites and cultural institutions from Hungary, Portugal, Italy and the UK pooling practical ideas and innovative approaches to engaging local communities.CONFERENCE: This two-day conference is organized to share the highlights of our learning throughout this two-year partnership. The day preceding the

Adult Education and Training in Museums

International conference and demonstration sessions October 30-31, 2008 Registration fee: 10, Euro (advance payment), 15, – Euro (on the spot) Registration fee includes conference materials, lunch and refreshments as well as cost of interpretation (English and Hungarian). For students (Andragogy, Museum Education etc) the conference is free, but advance registration is required Registration (with Payments

History Alive

May 19, Saturday  11:30, 13:00 and 15:00´By Royal Command´ (An imaginary meeting between Queen Victoria and Adam Clark (only in English) – Mark Wallis and Kate Mechedou, Past Pleasures Ltd., UK – In the Garden of the Hungarian National Museum at the tent of the “Muzeumok es Latogatok Alapitvany” (Foundation for Museums and Visitors)   12:00 and 14:00His Majesty

The New You! How to Become a Person from the Past

Past Pleasures Ltd is Britain´s premier provider of professional historical interpretation and performance, and holds Europe´s biggest contract in this field (with Britain´s Historic Royal Palaces: HM Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace). The company brings alive 2,000 years of human stories in sites across the UK, for general visitors, schools, the media and corporate


VI. EMAC – European Museum Advisors Conference  June 24-28, 2006 Budapest, Hungary  Supporting Museums in Achieving Quality At last, the long awaited VI EMAC is shaping up! It will not only reveal hidden treasures of Eastern Europe but will provide an opportunity to immerse in the pleasures of the Museums´ Night in a newly joined

From Role-Plays to Re-Enactment Shows

Main goal of conference is:to enable museum educators, curators, dramapedagogists, teachers, tour-operators, professional and non-professional actors to establish links and explore mutual concerns regarding the use of drama and role-plays in museums as well as to offer expertise coming from these different sectors in order to help museums´ capacity-building for an increased income-generation. Specific objectives

Interactivity in museums and at heritage sites

November 15-17, 2004.Military Museum, Budapest  We hope nobody will rest at our conference/workshop on Interactivity – in a broad sense -organized by the Foundation for Museums and Visitors and Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Catering. Presentations, lectures, group discussions and workshops will review different ways of involving audience in exhibitions and how can museums have