Museums Literacy (2008-2010)

By establishing a platform for museums, administrations and training institutions, MUSLI strives to overcome the barriers of cultural literacy through museum activities. These activities encourage participation from the potential publics having low schooling levels, such as citizens with low qualifications or at risk of social exclusion. Working to pilot and encourage new methods learnt for designing and conducting educational sessions for this target group, MUSLI enables museum operators as well as trainers to learn about significant examples in terms of involvement of persons with low educational qualifications in cultural practices.

The “Museum Literacy” project will collect the evidence drawn from the analyzed cases and experiences. A final summary will present the most effective solutions and practices to be adopted in order to best approach publics with low educational levels and cultural capital. These findings will be produced in a final documentation that will be made available in English with abstracts in French, Italian, and Hungarian.
Working method:
In order to explore how best to reach the project’s aims, the project partners advance by defining what is regarded as a “low” educational level in difference geographical and social contexts. The project partners host meetings and study visits open to project members and the public.

The project’s working method includes:

analyzing practices and project evidence related to different publics targeted having a low level of education
identifying actions or methods that have been most effective in overcoming the specific problems presented to publics and non publics having a low culture capital that hinders their participation in museum activities.

Project partners meet during a series of meetings including study visits and debates in a variety of different European cities from 2008-2010:

Budapest, Hungary October 2008
Turin, Italy March 2009
Brussels, Belgium June 2009
Manchester, UK November 2009

Bolzano, Italy June 2010

A final conference will take place in Bolzano, Italy from 7-9 June 2010 where the project partners will present their findings.
Project Coordinator

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Italy
Contact: Nicoletta Gazzeri

Project Partners

ENCATC European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres, Belgium
Contact: Elizabeth Darley

Foundation for Museums and Visitors, Hungary
Contact: Aniko Korenchy

The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact: Peter Brown

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Alto Adige, Italy
Contact: Marisa Giurdanella

Associated Partners

Louvre Museum, France
Contact: Anne Krebs

Municipality of Turin, Italy
Contact: Vincenzo Simone

Nord-Pas de Calais Region, France
Contact: Donato Giuliani

Project Dates:

General information:
This project involves nine different museums, administrations and training institutions at the European level. It is supported by the EU programme Lifelong Learning – Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2008.

Final project publication can be found at:

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