The Foundation for Museums and Visitors intends to support Hungarian museums in developing their services and relations with their visitors; as well as promote museum education as a form of lifelong learning among visitors.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals The Foundation for Museums and Visitors has set the following OBJECTIVES:

  • organize conferences, seminars, colloquia and other educational projects for museum staff, teachers (with students in some cases);
  • organize workshops and training for museum and education staff in order to obtain  professional or other skills that are needed for a smooth integration into the EU;
  • write, translate, compile and publish materials for teachers and museum education staff on topics regarding professional as well methodological matters;
  • collect information and materials (books, leaflets, brochures, worksheets etc) from which collection it will set up a Museum Information Center in the future;
  • provide advisory assistance on museum matters (via exchanges of professionals);
  • provide language information, language courses, language assessment tests in order to help Hungarian professionals in establishing useful international links;
  • organize international exchanges and placements, find resources and offer funds , assist in preparing project proposals in order to help skill transfer and EU integration;
  • research and survey questions related to museum education and visitor issues;
  • participate in organizing exhibitions and other attention-calling events/campaigns.