Adult Education and Training in Museums

International conference and demonstration sessions

October 30-31, 2008

Registration fee: 10, Euro (advance payment), 15, – Euro (on the spot)

Registration fee includes conference materials, lunch and refreshments as well as cost of interpretation (English and Hungarian).

For students (Andragogy, Museum Education etc) the conference is free, but advance registration is required

Registration (with Payments to Muzeumok es Latogatok Alapitvany, OTP Bank, IBAN: HU16 1170 3006 2007 0414 0000 0000) through sending the downloadable registration form.

More info: Aniko Korenchy-Misz, Foundation for Museums and Visitors, Hungary

Tel: 36/ 30/280-7265 or 36/1 240-6092 (fax too), E-mail:

The conference is a part of the Foundation´s project called “More eyes…Increasing social involvement of  museums” that is supported by the EEA Fund that is managed by the Ecopartner/Ökotárs Foundation and its partners.

Participation of Nicoletta Gazzerri and Gurdeep Thiara is supported by the Lifelong Learning programme of the EU.

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